“There are 2 animals I find great pleasure in raising; Whitetail Deer and Beef Master cattle. I have found that the hardest and most critical stage for both animals is the time from birth to breeding. If either hits a time in this growing period where they get sick or stop eating because of parasites, worms, ants, nutrition or any other reason I have found that the animal will most likely never be that high quality animal we all spend our hard earned dollars on, no matter what the blood line. How many times have we said- White Tail deer are looking for a place to die! Itís true, so as breeders we take ever advantage we can to keep them healthy. We debate what feed, what wormer? When do you change wormers? How many times a year do we need to worm? Been there, done that, until I made a call to Paul Dodrill with NAWPS and had him install his Misting system. My fawn survival rate this year is close to 98% and last year I had about 95% of my yearlings survive what I call the 10 month die off & last but not least my Bucks this year are across the board larger antlered then I have ever grown.”
Thanks Paul,
Burnell Gates

Gene wrote this testimonial after one full year of having his system. To this day his opinion remains the same:
“I raise pure northern deer in the deep south. I want to insure that my deer are safe and as protected from disease as possible. One of my biggest concerns is EHD and Blue tongue. Not only did Paul and his crew installed my system quickly but I was impressed with the caution they took around my deer. The system works better than I had expected. It covers all of my pens and has cut back flies, mosquitos, gnats and even ants greatly. There were other options available, but I chose to do business with Paul, and the value of his system and service far out way any savings I thought I may have gotten with other options. I recommend Paul Dodrill and NAWPS to any breeder looking to improve and protect their deer. It was money well spent!”
Gene Trahan
Bayou Bucks
Lake Charles, Louisiana

“I wanted to thank you again for the great misting system you installed for us over here at the Nooner in 2009. You delivered on your promise and the system works so we don't have to. The only case of EHD we have experienced since installation was when the system wasn't running. You have addressed our needs, exceeded our expectations and have always been easy to deal with. I recommend NAWPS to any breeder looking to improve the health of their herd and prevent EHD. Thanks for your continued support.”
Gene Naquin
Nooner Ranch

“I just wanted to thank you for the great misting system. It has proven to be one of the most valuable investments in my deer breeding operation. In all years past I have experienced EHD in my deer and zero incidents since installing it in summer '09. When comparing the cost of the system and the value of my deer your system is an easy choice and has provided me a significant return on my investment. Hands down I believe the system is responsible for the health of my herd and let's me rest at ease knowing it flat out works as advertised. I recommend the system and NAWPS to everyone involved in deer breeding.”
Rick Commander
C&C Whitetails

Three Time Repeat client:
Don submitted this testimonial in October of 2009, after installing the system in September of 2008. He has since purchased two more systems and referred many clients to NAWPS. His results and satisfaction with the system continue to this day:
“In years past we have experienced multiple death loss on our yearling deer to EHD. This spring we installed Paul Dodrill's (NAWPS) mister system in our yearling pens and have experienced ZERO death loss on our yearlings. Rain or shine, night or day, 24-7, the system is doing its job with up to 12 timed applications (within a 24-hour period) as you so choose, or use the remote to treat your deer as desired. Without question this mister system has been one of the best investments we have made for our deer program! ”
Don Montgomery
Licensed Deer Breeder for 20 years, TX0565

I just wanted to say thanks again for the great misting system that you installed at my Ranch. It is working great and we have not had any bug problems since installing it in the spring. There are also no ants in the two pens that we put it in and I have ants in all other pens. I am so happy with the results that I need you to come out and install it in three more pens. Have a great day.”
Brad Sullivan

“Dear Paul,
Everything is working well. I see a noticeable difference in the insect population in and around the pens compared to areas further removed from the misting system! I have not lost any of my deer! I appreciate your fine service and follow up. I have recommended the system to anyone who will listen. I think it is a valuable tool in protecting my four-legged assets!”
Dr. Chris Robinson
Dothan, Alabama

“You really need to contact Paul Dodrill with NAWPS. His system has done wonders all over the US & Mexico.”
Bryan Lane

“Just letting everyone know about our experience with NAWPS. We are located in Southeast Texas near the Louisiana border and we are infested with gnats, mosquitos, flies & fire ants. Within two days of installing our system, (we did it ourselves) we had no gnats, flies or ants to be found! We cannot say enough about how pleased we are with our misitng system. We are spraying Sector as recommened by Paul. It has been one of the best investments we have ever made. Paul Dodrill stands behind his product and he will make every effort to make your sytem work at it's best. If you want your deer to be insect free & to be able to stand & eat at the feeder without being run off by insects give NAWPS a call. 817-983-8577”
Kevin Franklin
2F Whitetails

“Call Paul with North American Whitetail Protection, I bought a spray system and pump for my pens, he can put it up or you can install it yourself it was a great price I set it for twice a day with 37 percent permethrin and don't see a fly one anymore 817-983-8577”
Greg Petty
Cloudy Creek Whitetails