Insects quickly gain immunity to insecticides they receive in sporadic amounts. NAWPS system eliminates the chances of immunity by delivering lethal doses several times a day. We provide absolute control of the insects which threaten your deer by utilizing our proven misting cycle that carefully determines the duration and frequency in which the deer pen is sprayed. Our misting process and cycles maximize the effectiveness in which we kill these disease infecting insects. While common methods such as permethrin spraying foggers and orchard sprayers are helpful, they cannot match the NAWPS delivery system. On a pre-scheduled basis, the NAWPS system delivers a fine mist in and around your entire pen.

Our misting system never gets sick and never misses a day!

We have designed the quietist delivery system, offering the most effective insect control system for your scientifically bred deer available. Upon the installation of your NAWPS system we install an additional beneficial application to allow you to (by remote control) spray your deer with a special section of your alley outfitted with a high concentration of nozzles (dubbed the “deer wash”) to topically treat your deer when desired.


Although many people rely on vaccines for EHDV and BTV, seldom are they credited as a working means of virus control with either Texas genetics or northern genetics in deer herds. We find it a very simple equation: if the NAWPS system reduces your average annual losses, at what point does the system pay for itself? We also anticipate the increased value of your herd when you can advertise that your deer are protected by the NAWPS system.

So many insects and diseases threaten the lives of your deer. At a cost range between $2,000 to $3,500 per acre to do the single best thing to protect your whitetail deer from insects and diseases, we believe that it is only a matter of getting our message out there to our fellow Texas Deer Association members, Members of NADEFA, and other permitted deer breeding folks before we are a fixture in any successful breeding program.

With all the benefits listed and known call us to discuss what NAWPS can do for you and your deer ranch.